Not sure of your ring size? Not a problem! We will help you figure it out right from your computer so you can easily order that ring you’ve got your eyes on! 
Here's how it works:
  • Find a ring that you own that fits perfectly. It should slide off with a slight tug, but you shouldn’t have to pull at it to take it off.
  • Print out our Ring Size Chart and place that ring over the circles displayed on the page until you find the perfect match.
That's it!
Note: Woman Ring Sizes are 5-10 and Men Ring Sizes are 8-13
Tip: For best results, pick a ring that fits you well at the end of the day, when your fingers are warm.There are a lot of things that can have a slight impact on your ring size such as time of day or the weather. 
We’ve also included an international ring sizing chart for our customers outside of the U.S.